Dr. Kalokhe

We, at Galaxy Hospital are using the software given by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) for last 5 years. This software is very user friendly. We very happy with the service provided by Mr. Mahesh Deshpande.

Dr. S. R. Baheti

I had started using this software in January 2011 and using since then. Excellent and user friendly software for medical practitioners from all faculties. Support for tailor made modification and updation is highly appreciable. It has reduced my exertion and time required for handwritten prescription and other related paper work. I am advising everybody to make use of it in day to day practice.



What amazes me is the user friendly software given by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) and Mahesh is always ready to update often. We have been using it for our hospital OPD and IPD since last many years. Even it is user friendly to not so educated users too. Financial conclusions are easy to make. It is as dependable as Mahesh is.

Dr. Sudhir Kothari

I have been using software given by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) for the last 3 years. But it is only the last year, ever since I started using it to generate prescriptions, that I found it is a very well designed software. The prescription writing is very east, intuitive and saves a lot of time. It saves my commonly used drugs and their generic names. It also saves common prescription combinations as templates, makes it easy to give prescriptions and instructions in English, Marathi, Hindi. Each time I write a new prescription or instruction, I can save it as a template and that gradually builds up my database and makes it easier and easier to use and saves a lot of time. The printed prescriptions also come out beautifully, with a printed signature. The most important thing is Mr. Mahesh Deshpande is a genius at programming and is available immediately and makes whatever changes and customizations in a jiffy, even when he is not in India by using teamviewer. I wish him the best of luck. His software definitely deserves to be looked at by many other Neurologists and doctors.

Dr. Sachin Patil

The medical software given by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) is unique, excellent and customizable. I have been using it since 10 years ever since I started my hospital. It's very practical and user friendly. It makes your life much easy and saves a lot of time. I have access to all the data of the patients who have come to the hospital in last 10 years at just a click. Also we can put down certain notes like Plan of Management... especially in case of Infertility or High risk patients or some pecular points about the patient which can be easily seen every time the patient comes. The report part of the software is very nice. You can have all the statistics and performance and other various parameters at just a click. The backbone of any software is service. You can contact Mr. Mahesh Deshpande anytime to sort out any problem (though very rarely you require help) or for any customization. He is very helpful and can count on him. Highly recommended for all doctors.


Dr. Vandana Kabra

Amazing... only one word not sufficient for this software as it reduces my stress and worload like anything. Myself Dr. Vandana Kabra, practicing Ophthalmologist at Aurangabad. I am using this software developed by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) since 2013. This software is so much friendly and easy to use. On top of that if I wish some changes, immediately get it done from Mr. Mahesh Deshpande. Service is online and no need of his presence at your doorstep. Mr. Mahesh Deshpande is brilliant in managing this software in very easy way from distance. After seeing my software, so many friends of mine have started using this software. I will suggest that everyone should take trial of this software once.

Dr. Datta Nadgir

I have been using the software for 10 years now. It is extremely convenient, user friendly with a very smooth learning curve. Patient data entry and generating a prescription is hasslefree. It gives me more time to interact with the patient and also pleasure to see beautiful prescription. I have always received a very prompt service with a single call. I would certainly recommend it for those who are looking to manage their clinic / hospital data efficiently.

Dr. Khatavkar

Aaz vaYaa-MpUvaI- maI )uma^Taolaa^jaI saa^FTvaoAr banavaUna Gaotlao AaiNa vaap$ laagalaao. “jamaola kI naahI” AsaI QaakQaUk haotI pNa mahoSacaI madt AaiNa kayama pazIMbaa yaamauLo saaro Cana jamalao. malaa %yaat jao jao badla hvao haoto to sava- %yaanao sahjapNao k$na idlao. satt saovaa ho ek vaOiSaYTya va %yaathI maO~ Baavanaa mhNajao duQaat saaKr. Aata tr yaa saa^FTvaoAriSavaaya maaJao panahI hlat naahI.

Dr. Sujeet Kadam

I am associated with PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) since March 2014. I am using software since then. This software is a great utility for Doctors in their routine work of OPD and IPD care.  This is very user friendly software and very simple to use, very simple to carry backup too. Panacea Team is is very useful and solves my problems and do the changes also without any delay and without hampering my busy schedule. All the patients appreciate prescription. I have already recommended this software to many doctors and in future also I will do the same.

Dr. Sandhya Bhide

I am using this software given by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) for more than 18 years. It has complete program for Paediatrics. It has a facility for Appointments, Prescription, Receipts, Discharge Summary, IPD Billing and Accounts. Indoor program is being operated by all our residents right from day one without any hassle. Any changes required in the software as per Govt or NABH guidelines are promptly made online by Mahesh. He has become more of our friend than a software person. I have recommended this software for our next generation i.e. my daughter who is Gynaecologist and my son-in-law who is Urologist and they are also extremely happy. I would surely recommend it to all our friends.

Dr. Wattamwar

It's an excellent software for the doctor. Previously I used to write down the prescriptions for my patients. Many a times, they used to forget to bring their old prescriptions and that time is was very much difficult to remember and prescribe them during the follow up. After installing this software, it has become very easy for me to prescribe, store and retrieve data anytime. It not only helps in maintaining the medical record of the patients but also in many studies especially retrospective one. It is very simple and user friendly software and the best part is totally customized according to your needs. Excellent service as well, just one call away and your issues are resolved in few minutes. I will give 5 out of 5 stars.

Dr. Prasad Joshi

I am using software developed by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) since last 10 years. It's a very simple, user friendly software and easy to operate. The best part of it is Mr. Mahesh Deshpande is always ready to make changes in the software according to our requirements and that also online. Indoor and OPD sections are separate but well interconnected so that when we open record of any patient, we can know when he was admitted and how many times he has visited our hospital in opd thereafter. Accounts section is an added boon with this software. Retrieval of record is also very easy. In all, I have a very positive and great experience while using this software. I will give 5 out 5 to Panacea Infotech. Last but not least Mr. Mahesh Deshpande is a very good, co-operative and down to earth person and is always ready to help any time.

Dr. Udaysinh Patil

This is very much user friendly software. I am extremely satisfied with the service given by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande). This software can be easily customized according to our needs. My work efficiency has definitely improved as it's very time saving tool in my busy OPD. I have already recommended to my so many Gastro friends and all of them are thankful to me.

Dr. Deore

This software given by PANACEA INFOTECH (Mr. Mahesh Deshpande) is very good. It is very easy to operate and most important thing it has a very good support backup. We are using this software for IPD Record keeping, where Billing, Discharge Summary, Consents are involved. No special training is required for this software.

Dr. Sami

I am using this software since long time. I am very much satisfied. It's definitely very much useful in our practice. I am particularly thankful to Mr. Mahesh Deshpande for his excellent service. I strongly recommend this software to every doctor.


Immensely satisfying…Customization at its best! Laud Clinic, Centre for Joint Replacement, Mumbai is a one of its kind centre at Dadar which caters to all Orthopaedic ailments ranging from Advanced Trauma care, Hand surgery, Spine surgery, Arthroscopy, Primary and revision Joint Replacement Surgery under a single roof for the past 40 years. In our constant endeavour for improving patient care and maintaining quality of healthcare practises - Collection, maintenance and retrieval of Medical Records remains one of our prime responsibilities. Envisioned in 2017 and implemented by Panacea Infotech under the Leadership of Mr Mahesh Deshpande, our fully customized HMS is far from excellent …. It is simply brilliant, absolutely fantastic to say the least. Using it fully loaded since October 2017, Panacea’s HMS module for Laud Clinic has been completely accepted by all Doctors, clinical & Non–clinical staff, office & billing departments and is now an integral and inseparable part of Laud clinic. It is indeed amazing to realize that Microsoft VFP has been used so beautifully to create such a user-friendly module with practically any customization required and yet continues to perform from over 10 devices simultaneously & flawlessly with zero downtime or glitches. Panacea infotech has truly made our dream of a “Paperless Clinic” come true. It all began with the need for standardized medical records which can be created easily with minimum input, maintenance of these records, 24x7 retrievability and report generation. It was obvious that computerized or digitisation was the way forward for this. However, in today’s World need for obviating physical paper is the need of the hour and our contribution to it however minimal would definitely have an impact.   We also needed a system where there was a common platform which could be used by doctors, nurses and billing departments at the same time. Although the trend of the day is to use any off the shelf available web-based software, the costs involved, design and development time frame, and negligible need for maintenance all favoured the use of VFP. Microsoft VFP to date still holds its crown as the best ever database platform ever made. It may be surprising that we had to meet Mr Deshpande in person only once for an introduction and explaining our requirements, following which we have never ever needed his physical presence in our Hospital. I can safely say that he has provided 99 percent of all we asked for, in many instances suggesting, developing and implementing even better solutions. Also developing or creating a module which would normally take 3-4weeks if web based is completed in 1-2 days by Panacea. This is a solid indicator of the experience and command over programming and coding which enables such a short response time with positive results. Another significant aspect of Panacea is the communication and support provided to do any modifications if required however minor or trivial they may be. This is in stark contrast to majority of other HMS providers who believe in “project closed” and refuse to go that extra mile for betterment and perfection. Since its inception 9 months ago we are yet to encounter a “crash” of our software in spite of running 24x7. Most of tweaking or modifications are done by Mr Deshpande quietly in the background, many a time we realizing only after the work has been completed. With their HMS, Panacea has ensured that all medical records (both OPD & IPD) are not just created but are retrievable at any given point of time. Integration with backdoor data storage systems also ensures more than sufficient backup of records and zero dependency on software for data retrieval. Being intranet, the entire data is maintained within the secure confines of our institution ensuring security and confidentiality. Along with medical records Panacea has also provided us with billing modules and report generation (financial and otherwise) which can be accessed at the click of a button using sufficient credentials. We now have patient flow, out-patient and admission loads, surgeries, and fully customised billing and collection reports at our fingertips. About a month ago we were pleasantly surprised to realise that Panacea was also fully equipped in providing all necessary modules for NABH Accreditation. Our modules were updated by Panacea for the same overnight. Overall our experience with Panacea for creating and implementing a “customized” Hospital management system for our clinic has been immensely satisfying. We would definitely recommend using their services for an experience one would never regret. With over 700 healthcare institutions successfully using their HMS modules, this testimonial is just one among several, an expression of what we at Laud Clinic feel about the solid platform provided by Mr Mahesh Deshpande and the Panacea Team for making Laud Clinic go truly paperless. Wishing the Panacea Team All the Very Best Ahead…